Know which one to buy

Coffee Presentation in the Market POWDER – Roasted and ground, depending on the degree of grinding, this type can be used to prepare sieve coffee or espresso ROASTED BEANS – These are just roasted, not ground. More common for espresso coffee, this type of product is also preferred by brewed coffee consumers who do not […]

Types of Coffee

There are numerous species of coffee grown in the world, but in Brazil we only know two: Café Arabica (Coffea Arábica) and Robusta (Conillon). Each species, in turn, has a large number of varieties and lineages. ARABICA – Produces better quality, finer and more refined coffees. It has greenish colored grains, is grown in regions […]

A Brief History of Coffee

The coffee tree is a plant native to the Ethiopian steppes. Its fruit, like guarana for the Indians of Brazil, was used by these African peoples for many centuries in the making of drinks. From Africa its use passed to the Persians, from these to the Arabs who publicized it from the 15th century onwards […]