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Coffee Presentation in the Market

POWDER – Roasted and ground, depending on the degree of grinding, this type can be used to prepare sieve coffee or espresso

ROASTED BEANS – These are just roasted, not ground. More common for espresso coffee, this type of product is also preferred by brewed coffee consumers who do not dispense with powder that is always fresh.

SOLUBLE – The beans are roasted and ground, then their soluble solids are extracted and solubilized, resulting in the product in the form of granules or powder.

AROMATIZED – Coffee with added aroma

GOURMET – This is a commercial indication that the product is the best within a certain brand or category

ORGANIC – Produced in crops without the use of pesticides chemical fertilizers

DECAFFEINATED – Caffeine is extracted from green coffee beans before they are roasted. To be called decaf, a coffee has to have more than 97% of its caffeine removed.

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